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Condor 10:
"Once the De-Bug Units were installed we did not have any more problems with fuel contamination caused by micro-organisms and can therefore confirm that your company's units worked successfully."

Dolphin Wild - Island Cruisers:
Results are nothing short of amazing: Within 2 weeks no evidence of bug slime on either of our filters. Now fuel filters only get changed when we do a service and they still look okay even then.

GEC Alsthom RUSTON Diesels Ltd:
No objections to using De-Bug system on our engines provided they are adequately sized - Application for 16RK270 to be used with the Singapore Navy.

MTU Friedrichshafen and MTU Asia Pte Ltd have no objections to having the De-Bug Fuel Treatment System incorporated (off-engine interface) in the fuel supply system...
Installing the De-Bug Fuel Treatment System does not invalidate the MTU warrant of the engine.

Ray Piper:
"I have had my boat for five years and I've always had clogging fuel filters, excessive black smoke coupled with sluggish uneven running and power loss. Because the filters were always packed and filthy I was forced to change them after running through about 300 gallons of fuel."

Semo Marine Co Ltd:
Ssangyong Nigata 16V 16FX 1,950 Kw x 2 and Ssangyong Cummins 150 Kw x 2 - Average fuel consumption reduced by 8%, Average Exhaust Temp reduced by 6%, Filter change reduced 66%. Prior to fitting De-Bug Units injector nozzles had to be changed every 3 months after fitting De-Bug Units the injector nozzles did not require changing for 9 months.

Ship Control Services:
Pielstick 12 PC 2.2V - Prior to installing a L4000 De-Bug Unit - Vessel's shaft RPM was noted at around 190, main engine exhaust temp

Ship Control Services:
Genset fuel nozzle "trumpeting" and poor combustion (load fluctuation), after fitting De-Bug (L1000) no more problems.

Singapore Port Authority:
This is to inform you that the port engine that is fitted with you De-Bug L1000 Unit has lesser frequency of filter change than the starboard engine ... about 40%

Tropic Star Lodge:
"Our engines are running cleaner with less down time for our clients and we have reduced
our replacement of fuel filters by more than half. We are also experiencing a reduction in our fuel consumption.

Tropic Star Lodge:
After using for 2 years
"...have been using De-Bug Units for over two years on our extensive fleet of yachts, generators, trucks and other vehicles" " ... with the use of De-Bugs, we have increased our engine time between overhauls from from 3000 to 4500 hrs with very little mechanical downtime..."

Union Rotorua:
"On fitting the De-Bug L4000 magnetic devices, it was immediately noticeable that fuel filter life was extended and the frequent filter changes were no longer required."


 Generator Sets


Shell Deepwater Production USA:
"We are pleased to inform you that since we installed one of your L-4000 De-Bug units here on Auger the results has been better than expected ..."

Caterpillar 2097hp Genset:
"Filter life was extended while the generators were equipped with DE-BUG Fuel Treatment Units. This occurred while the plant was receiving constantly contaminated fuel."
"The RACOR filter life was extended from 2 days to 7 days, 8 days, 9 days and 10 days in sequence on Generator 5. Generator 4 had similar results. The life of the filter was extended
4 times with a 2 MM filter. The life of a 10 MM filter was extended 2.5 times – from 7 to 19 days. This was an extension of 12 days."
"The immediate change in filter life after the DE-BUG L4000 was removed indicated that the unit cleaned the fuel and was responsible for the extension of filter life."

Diesel Agencies Limited:
"It is now over a year since the first De-Bug was fitted and we have not encountered any of our usual batch of problems with generator sets having a De-Bug installed in the fuel system.  Much better than this however, when the annual service checks are  carried out filter screens and cartridges are in such a clean condition ..."


 Fuel Supply


Shell Oil New Zealand Limited:
"We would like to thank you the advice and practical help and your staff have extended towards us over the past two years helping to eliminate a very difficult problem "out there" in the market place."

Western Mining Corporation Ltd:
"In addition to these savings we are now using around 8% less fuel. TMs is partly from better engine economy and partly from reduced fuel wastage due to bacterial contamination levels"


 Fire Brigades


New Zealand Fire Service:
"One particular Fire Appliance, a Dennis, had complete fuel starvation on call to an emergency. When finding the cause to this problem we discovered a fungus like growth in the water trap. Realising it was a microbial contamination that had caused the fuel starvation; we fitted a De-Bug Fuel Treatment Unit ..."



Four Wheel Drives


RAAF Aircraft Technician (retired):
The injector pump had to be stripped ... the injector caps were eroded by microbial corrosion ... ...found De-Bug Units best suited the job and fitted them to both my son’s Nissan and my Landrover. Since then we have enjoyed trouble free motoring ...




Volvo F 1225:
"Since fitting the De-Bug I have not had to change the fuel filter, the infection is now completely eradicated."

Owner Driver:
"With the De-Bug fitted to my vehicle I noticed a dramatic difference, the vehicle was idling much smoother, and after running it through it’s paces the engine was pulling a lot more effectively."

Volvo F16:
"Since fitting the De Bug unit we have run the filters to 45,000Kms as a test, without any problems. This proves beyond doubt these Units do work and the long term benefits to the fuel system are obvious, as well as the constant performance."




R60 Duetz Headers:
"One major saving was fuel filters. The machine with the De-Bug, none were changed. The machine without the De-Bug, Four sets of fuel filters were changed."





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