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KPU Kerbside pump unit (L9600) is a one pass freestanding unit, providing systematic elimination of microbial contaminants.

The KPU is finished in enamel, with the choice of any desired colour: requested on ordering. 

The KPU can also be installed within the bowser casing.



Max Hourly Flow Rate: 9,600 litres per hour.

For: Diesel fuel, marine diesel, light oils, gas oil, jet, kerosene & water.

Weight: 27.25 kilograms.

Size: 340mm wide, 752mm high, 135mm deep.

Port Size: 3/4 inch British Standard Pipe Thread.

Operating Pressure: 40 psi - MAXIMUM

Brackets: Galvanised mild steel. Mounting holes suitable 
for four M12 dynabolts.

- Body - LM6, marine grade, anti-corrosive, aluminium.
Magnets - Ceramic coated annulus static heterogeneous. 
- Flow Deflectors - Acetyl plastic - resistant to environmental stress cracking and common solvents.
- Seals -
N70 nitrile rubber - resistant to petroleum oils, 
  alcohols, gasoline's, diester oils and water.


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