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  • Ron Moon's Full Report or in Acrobat
    After fitting the De-Bug L500 Unit to his Patrol, Ron travelled 12,000km's into central and Northern Australia. Being very pleased with the effectiveness of the De-Bug Unit, Ron looked further into the  'why and how' of diesel bugs and spoke to some users of De-Bug Units.
  • 4x4 Expert Found Bugs On Fuel Filter And Fitted A De-Bug Unit
    Ron Moon, retired editor of 4x4 Australia Magazine ( 25 years editor of 4x4 Australia magazine) and  now Editor-at-Large for 4x4, found bugs covering the filter of his Nissan GU Patrol, vehicle had only travelled 17,000kms when the problem was discovered.
  • Comparison of muck found on the fuel filter to a filter kept clean by De-Bug Units

  • Boating Journalist Convinced
    Jim Dayl, a journalist for the Motor Boating and Sailing magazine ... the dual Racor filters
    would clog with gunk. He had replaced the fuel, had the tank professionally, cleaned
    twice and also used biocides..." "... Since installing the De-Bug, the Racor filters have
    remained pristine, the fuel clarity is excellent"
  • Marine Safety Council - Proceedings - US Coast Guard
    The Marine industry has long been plagued with the problem of "bugs", the micro-organisms that live and grow in fuel, fuel tanks, cargo and ballast tanks and lube oil systems. This contamination problem has grown to such proportions that it is considered almost epidemic. New technology is now available for permanently eliminating microbial contamination problems in a clean, safe and environmentally friendly manner.
  • Marex International News
    Kellie Chouest
    , a 94m Deep Submergence Rescue Vehicle Support Ship operated by the US Navy and Skippin Sue, a 30m utility vessel owned by T/E Marine in Larous in the USA, both fitted De-Bug Units because of ' bug infestation of their fuels'.



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