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Power and Water Authority (Aus) - Generators
America Online - Standby Generators
Montefiore Hospital (USA) - Generators
Manitoba Hydro - Generators
Vancouver Island Hospital - Generators
Shell Oil (NZ) - Service Stations
Western Mining (Aus) - Fuel Farm
N.Z. Fire Service - Fire Tenders
Singapore Airlines - Ground Equipment
Indonesian Power

 Marine Fisheries
Dutch Fishing Fleet - Various
Chainavee Group (Thailand) - carrier vessels & fishing boat.
PT Inter Marine Co Ltd (Thailand)

Marine Commercial
Shell Offshore (USA) - Oil Rig
Woodside Petroleum (Aust) - Supply
Allied Towing (USA) - Workboats
Boston Pilots (USA) - Pilot Boats
Central Gulf Towing (USA) - W’boats
Cossack Pioneer (Australia) - Oil Production
Dive Master (Thailand) - Diving & Liveaboard boat
Edison Chouest Offshore Inc. (USA)
Galaxie Marine (USA) - Workboats
Manzanillo International Terminals (Stevedores of America Panama)
New Zealand Police (NZ) - Inshore Launches
Panama Canal (Republic of Panama, Central America)
Pimalai Resort & Spa (Thailand) - Ferry
Rhine River Barges (France) - Barges
Semo Marine (South Korea) -
Ship Control Services (S’pore) - Tugboats
Singapore Port Authority (S’pore) - Tugboats
Solite Corporation (USA) - Tugboats
Maid of Mist Steamboat Co. (USA)
Union Shipping (NZ) - Union Rotorua
Ocean Marina Yacht Club (Thailand) - Owners boat
Resort Cruises (Singapore) - Catamarans

   Dutch Coastguard
US Coast Guard
New Zealand Army
Republic of Singapore Navy
Royal Malaysian Navy
Royal Navy (Scottish Fisheries)
Royal New Zealand Navy
Fijian Navy
Vanuatu Navy

Brian Marsh Transport (Aus) - Trucks
Peter Baker Transport (Aus) - Trucks
Eastern UP Transportation (USA)
Quickfrieght (European) - Trucks
BC Ministry of Transportation and Highways
Bangkok Aviation Fuel Services PLC (Thailand)






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